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The installation of the script is extremely easy


  1. Download the script and extract it in your resources
  2. Add the script in your auto start (example: server.cfg)
  3. The script will automatically setup the database, in case it doesn't, you can manually run the files in vehicles_keys/sql/ folder
  4. (QBCore only) Download and extract this script in your resources, without renaming it

You are ready to go! Enjoy the script 😁

Optional step

After the database is setup correctly, you can delete the files in vehicles_keys/sql/ folder, so the script won't try to setup the database each time you start the script

Adding the items - Optional


To add the premade items, you only have to run the file vehicles_keys/sql/items_limit.sql or vehicles_keys/sql/items_weight.sql depending on your server, if it uses the limit or the weight


To add the new items, you have to edit qb-core/shared/items.lua file and add at the bottom of the table the following code

    -- Vehicles Keys items
    ['vehicle_alarm_1']              = {['name'] = 'vehicle_alarm_1',               ['label'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 1',    ['weight'] = 500,       ['type'] = 'item',      ['image'] = 'your_image.png',       ['unique'] = false,     ['useable'] = true,     ['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 1'},
    ['vehicle_alarm_2']              = {['name'] = 'vehicle_alarm_2',               ['label'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 2',    ['weight'] = 500,       ['type'] = 'item',      ['image'] = 'your_image.png',       ['unique'] = false,     ['useable'] = true,     ['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 2'},
    ['vehicle_alarm_3']              = {['name'] = 'vehicle_alarm_3',               ['label'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 3',    ['weight'] = 500,       ['type'] = 'item',      ['image'] = 'your_image.png',       ['unique'] = false,     ['useable'] = true,     ['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 3'},
    ['vehicle_alarm_4']              = {['name'] = 'vehicle_alarm_4',               ['label'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 4',    ['weight'] = 500,       ['type'] = 'item',      ['image'] = 'your_image.png',       ['unique'] = false,     ['useable'] = true,     ['shouldClose'] = true,    ['combinable'] = nil,   ['description'] = 'Vehicle alarm level 4'},

Screenshot example

Example screenshot