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Error parsing script ... <\1>

Error message example:
Error parsing script @jobs_creator/server/markers/job_shop.lua in resource jobs_creator: @jobs_creator/server/markers/job_shop.lua:1: syntax error near '<\1>'

Possible reasons

  • Your server version is too old, the minimum version is 4752
  • You are transferring the folder to the VPS file by file, please upload the .zip file and extract it after it is already on your VPS (so drag and drop the zip file and not the folder)

How to verify my server version?

To verify what server version your server is currently using, you have to use the following command in your FiveM server console: version


Version command image

How to update my server version?

To update your server version, you have to download the new server artifacts and to extract and replace them in your server folder

This is the official FiveM guide to update your server

My server version is already updated, but I have the error

If you have the error even if your server version is not the issue, then you have to check here